We have very strong flexibility and competitive capabilities, especially in NEW Energy system solution, quality control, transportation arrangement, and commodity inspection. With a perfect service system, we can assist our customers to save cost and time. Qingdao Greef New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is global supplier which focus on permanent magnet generator and wind turbine system.
We provide customized 500W to 5MW Permanent Magnet Generators which suitable for Wind Turbine, Hydro turbine and other renewable energy system. Our vertical wind turbines are installed all over the world which have low start wind speed, low noise and high efficiency.
50 % staff in our engineer team have 11 years' experience in the field. With strong flexibility and competitive capabilities, we can help clients to customize overall new energy system solution. The services that can be delivered include but are not limited to: overall design plan, principle drawing, 3D renderings, sample physical, bulk product delivery, quality control, and after-sales service. With a fast service system, we can assist our customers to save cost and time.
Products have been export to all over the world, like Europe, South America, North America and other countries. All products have C E approvals with 3 to 5 years warranty, the quality and on-time delivery are guaranteed by Alibaba.
Since the start of the company, we have been passionate believers in our mission to provide cheaper, reliable electricity through the power of renewable energy. Your support and belief in what Greef lives for, starting with our motto "Be Green, Be Great, Have Fun", has allowed us to rapidly innovate and become a responsible supplier in distributed renewable energy.